Sunday, April 28, 2013


The daycare that the littlest people attend does some really great things with the children. One of those things is yoga. I hadn't really given it much thought... yoga seems like a great transitional activity for their morning routine, getting all of the kids acclimated after drop-off and before breakfast. Aside from helping the kids adjust in the morning, The benefits of yoga and the impact on concentration and overall health are great, yet I didn't think it had much of an impact on my little people. 

Benett, however, surprised me one day last week when he excitedly told me all about his yoga, in great detail. He was so excited to share that he decided to show me some of what he's learned. This activity is obviously much more than a transitional exercise and it's something that is having an impact.

As I sit here typing, I can't recall the names of each of the poses, with the exception of this one... this is aptly called "Dead Bug." I like his technique, specially the facial expression. Benett is great at getting into character...

There are so many parts of my kids' lives that I wish I had a bigger window into. The little things... the big things... the boring things... the thrilling things. I want to know and see it all; soak it in.

I used to have that nagging feeling daily. It would live like are dark cloud in the back of my mind. Hovering over me when I wasn't with them, but strangely, at times it would happen when I was with them, but not fully engaged... if I was giving more attention to my work. It was a little like the two parts of my life couldn't cohabitate in a balanced way.

Happily, I don't feel that way as often anymore. There is a better balance. But even so, things like this really make me wish I knew, really knew, all of the little details of each of my little people's lives. Even when they're as mundane as yoga.

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