Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This past weekend we celebrated two really terrific men. Dad was the guest of honor for a little dinner party on Saturday. It was a smallish gathering, where grilled steaks and a few tasty cocktails were enjoyed. The little people got to stay up extra late, so they really thought it was a very special night.

On Sunday, the kids gave us a reprieve and allowed Monte and me to sleep in past the break of dawn... which is the usual rising time as of late. In my opinion, that alone was bliss. I got out of bed at 9 AM. I can't remember the last time that happened!

All through the day, the little people tried, in each of their little ways to show Monte how much they love their daddy. Gavin worked and worked and worked on a picture... a baseball scene. It is a pretty special thing. As for the other two... well, I know deep down they have these warm and special feelings for their daddy... but with the late night, the evening before, they had a very difficult time coping with being awake. They were cranky. The crankyness was sprinkled with bits of love and adoration... so I know they were trying.

We all have moments where trying comes a little easier. Maybe it's not the trying that is difficult, it the projection. After all, we love each other so much... that's not something we have to try to do... it's just a truth. Projecting that feeling and showing those we love how much they mean in our hearts takes practice. It's not unlike the picture above, of Benett and Ellie holding hands.

They were simply standing next to one another... I was taking pictures of their "fishy faces" when I noticed their fingers entwined. No matter how much they banter and bicker and pick and fuss... they love each other. Their hearts know that truth... and when they're not even trying their hands find a way to show that truth to those quick enough to catch it.

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