Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Boy

I love this child. He is genuine. He throws himself at whatever it is he’s doing with complete abandon. No trading for this boy…. Nope, he gives away his silly bands. He is brimming with love and compassion. He is good at math. When I grow up, I want to be like him.
Gavin is full of energy. He is full of the dickens. He loves to tease his brother. He schemes and ponders and asks questions like, “Mommy, what if our house was hit by a shooting star? Would we still get the wish?” He makes me laugh, even when I’m so mad I could spontaneously combust.
How does he know so much? I'm fairly certain that Gavin is clairvoyant. He just knows things... he's adamant that he is responsible for his brother and sister... because he 'wished' for them. I'm glad he did. That's funny, because, you see, I wished for him too. Maybe it's just the way of things, to come full circle.
I love this child.

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