Monday, May 19, 2014


Generally speaking, I like to be behind the camera. It's safer on that side. I like the idea of trying to preserve the life that is happening all around me, saving it for another time and place, hopefully to recall it all again... the mundane and the monumental, side by side, all weighted equally.

There is one exception to my place behind the camera, and that is on Mother's Day, when I ask Monte to help in my quest for preservation. My only requirement on Mother's Day is to have a picture taken with my little people. The people who transformed me from just your run-of-the-mill, only-as-responsible-as-I-have-to-be sort of adult-ish person into someone who's heart no longer resides safely within the confines of my chest... someone who needs to considers other's needs first and most...

Even though this picture was only taken a week ago, I already love looking back at it. It already seems so long ago. I love the little story it tells; the memory it evokes and the way it fits into the bigger narrative of our life as a family.

The shy way in which Ellie now approaches being photographed, how Benett is front and center with is tattoos emblazoned on his forearms and how Gavin seems to happily approach most things that are asked of him.

These people represent the best of me. Although I know I'll never be able to articulate to them how they are my world and that I love them always and forever (even when we aren't smiling and happy)... I hope they'll know it in their hearts... On Mother's Day and every other day, always and forever.

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