Thursday, March 27, 2014


This is Hank. He's new at our place.

He's very sweet. We love him to pieces. Little Hank is a Cheweenie (Chihuahua + Daschund).

Monte and I started discussing a house dog quite innocently. We were both raised with pets and want our little people to have the same experience. As a couple, Monte and I have had a few pets as well... mostly dogs; big dogs. But when thinking about a pet in our home,  a big dog seemed like something we just couldn't handle. The thought of another body in the more congested parts of our house was something I just didn't want to deal with.

We though small would be much more manageable. And a little less intimidating for Ellie, who is still very cautious around animals.

So we started looking for little-ish dogs and spotted Hank's picture on a pet-rescue site. With parents in the 9-12 pound range, we though he looked like a great size; someone we should meet.

Long story short, Hank lives with us now.

As with most puppies, Hank loves to chew on shoes (or favorite slippers). He doesn't have manners yet (although he's working on that). He doesn't like the cold (which doesn't help with the manners, specifically as it relates to doing his business OUTSIDE). And he loves to eat crumbs (and anything else) off the floor.

Even with all of those things, he's just what we needed (although I could do without the messes in the house). Some days get the best of me. Some days I'm able to give the best of me. Hank, like so many other things in my life are an exercise in patience. In my head, I hear Mr. Miyagi... "Patience Grasshopper."

Some days, I'm able to listen to that internal voice and dig a little deeper, finding a new reserve of patience. Other days.... well, let's just say, there are days when the well seems to have dried up. Those days make me sad, but we all have them. It's best to just go to sleep that evening and vow to do better the next morning. That system re-booting always works wonders.

It means everyone at my house is learning... learning to adjust... learning to be patient... learning to just stop and enjoy life, as it happens before us... mess and all.

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