Friday, December 14, 2012


Last night, Benett and Ellie got to show off their singing skills at the holiday concert that their daycare hosts. Or perhaps they mostly just showed off... I'm not quite sure... Actually Benett knew all of his songs through and through. And, he's been singing them at every opportunity that he gets. I love the way he bursts into song in the middle of some seemingly random moment.

Of course Monte and I enjoyed watching both of them strutting their stuff. Ellie, being the oldest child in her class, stood out. The other kids are so small compared to her. I remember when she was that child, standing up front with other kids that looked so much bigger and older than her. She was just a baby. But now, she's the big kid who knows all of the hand motions to the songs and dances and wiggles up front... hamming it up for all to enjoy.

Benett was his usual self. Someone said to me, "He sure is a spark plug." That pretty much sums it up. He is indeed a spark plug. My little spark plug. I only wish he was a little less sparky every once in a while...

All of the little people, Gavin included, were on pins and needles waiting for Santa. When he walked in the door, every child in the room formed into an instant line. Nobody wanted to miss a chance to sit on Santy's lap and tell him how good they've been and list all of the things he should bring.

Even Ellie took her turn this year. She was so excited, calling out to Santy from her place in line. I was just sure when the time came, she'd lose her nerve and come over to me, not wanting to sit on Santy's lap. But she surprised me again. She sat on his lap. Told him that she wanted a baby and then asked for a candy cane. He obliged with the candy and she was happy.

When I asked Gavin to share what he said to Santa, he refused to tell me. Holding out hope that Santa is real means not telling Mom or Dad what he really wants, because Santa knows and that's all that matters.

The spark plug, being true to form, was full of the dickens. I'm not sure Santa needed to ask if he's been a good boy or not... he knows... he knows...

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