Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can't Find Anything

You know life is getting way too complicated when everything seems to be lost. Where does it all go? Is there someone following me around moving things? How can it be that the chapstick that I keep in the same drawer, or the scissors that live in that junk drawer in the kitchen are mysteriously missing? How can they be missing! They're always in the same place!

And where is my camera cable? Is it hiding with that file that was on the corner of my desk? Why are only my things missing? Ask me where Gavin's black Bakugan is and I can tell you it's under the middle sofa cushion. Where is Benett's bankie? In the back seat of the van of course.
Who is going to help me put the puzzle pieces back in order? Monte's been working crazy long hours, so it's not him. Ellie is on 'the pink stuff' for her first ear infection, she's usually a good co-pilot... but the last couple of days she's been too busy crying. So I'm on my own... I usually work pretty good that way... until I get hung up on something silly. Example... could someone explain why Benett's shoe is full of sand? Doesn't he keep his feet in his shoes? How is there room for a pound of sand?

Even with all of the chaos, and sand, life is good. It really is.... good. Everyone is healthy. I love my husband and my messy children. I really feel fulfilled and blessed, despite my missing chapstick.

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