Monday, January 13, 2014


For Christmas this year, I wanted to give the little people something that was crafted for them. Made just for them, crafted with love. Made for who they are at this moment in time. That was a tough prospect for me, when it came to Gavin. He’s at an age where video games and Legos reign supreme. I wasn't so sure I could make something that he would like and use.
But for Benett and Ellie, that was an easy thing to do. They were in desperate need for a teepee. Maybe “desperate need” is a little bit of a stretch, but they need a place that is all their own, where they can be closed off from the rest of the family to do their own little thing. They have these private little conversations that only they comprehend; playing and imagining, giggling and being silly.

The teepee was the perfect size for them and all of the pillows and blankets that I imagined them dragging in. It was big enough for a mom and a dad and maybe even a big brother, if we were invited. It could be private for them, but close for me. A teepee was just what they needed.

It was easy to put together and both Monte and I were able to get into the fun. It was inexpensive, but doesn’t look ‘cheap.’
The result is a cozy little space that we spend quite a bit of time enjoying. It’s been up long enough to seem like a semi-permanent fixture, although I’m not so sure how I feel about that… but moving it down stairs to the family room would make it less accessible… less fun. So it remains in my living room, where I vacuum around it.

I imagine Benett and I cozying up with a book, buried under blankets, with pillows piled high around us. That hasn’t happened yet, only because I am unable to enter the structure without immediately growing sleepy. The softly filtered light and warmth are perfectly conducive to a little nap, for us adults. For little ones on the other hand, it’s a perfect play-scape for some fantastic adventures.

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