Sunday, March 1, 2015


Yesterday we took the little people to the YMCA, to swim. It's a treat for them to go there. I love it because it's a new environment with lots of new people. The little people love it for one reason and make a bee line for the pool.

Before we even arrived, they were begging to stay longer. They wasted little time doffing their warm, winter gear in favor of their swimming suits. The walk down to the pool deck must have been like an eternity for them. We shouted several reminders to walk... WALK... and they were off. Plashing and playing in the water for 3-1/2 hours, until they were satisfactorily pruney did they emerge, in a state of complete and utter starvation.

Back into our cold weather gear and we were off down the street, to see what kind of treat we could find at the co-op. With a cookie in hand, it was easy to see the delight and contentment in each of their gleaming faces.

Benett was especially giddy, so much so that he shared a list of three things he likes most in the world. I'm not sure how the topic came up, but that little exchange will live in my heart for ever and for always.

Benett "Mom, do you want to know what I like most? There are three things."

Mom "Of course. Tell me."

Benett "First, I like the fair; the one where there are rides and stuff. Second, I like Love... you know our family. And last I like fishing. Well, maybe I like fishing first... but I definitely like Love too."

That little boy's wisdom is pretty special, and I agree with him... I like Love too.

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